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Oahu Surfing

The island of Oahu holds some of the best surfing spots in the world. Waves on the North and West shore, known for their world class surf breaks such as Sunset Beach, Pipeline, Haleiwa and Makaha hold strong currents and very powerful surf during the winter months. Surfers from around the world visit Oahu in the winter to test their skills at these advanced level surf breaks. You can find the south shore of Oahu to be very small or even flat during winter months on Oahu. If crazy big gnarly surf on the North or West shore is not your cup of tea, there are surf breaks which are still great for longboarding, grom surfing or entry level surfing. Surf breaks which catch the wrap of a big North or West swell like Puaena Point, Malaekahana Campground and White Plains Beach are your best option.

While the ocean and surf can always be dangerous, during the summer months the surf tends to be not as heavy. The south shore of Oahu comes alive. Diamond Head, Waikiki and White Plains Beach are the 'Go To' spot for all types of surfing during the summer months.

Below we have listed some popular surf breaks we recommend surfing at which tend to be on the more softer, chill, easy learning side of surfing. Always remember as a courtesy, No Drop In! If you see another surfer has caught the wave first, give the surfer the right of way, don't drop in and cut the surfer off.

Oh and one more thing, WIND! Surf conditions will be best during light winds or offshore winds. So South shore will be best during North winds or light winds. North shore will be best during South winds or light winds etc.


South Shore, Waikiki

Canoes - Waikiki's main break just behind the Moana Surfrider hotel and Waikiki police station. This break holds easy, slow waves which are perfect for longboarding and beginner surfers. Best in summer and southerly swells. There are lifeguards and bathrooms.

Queens - Right next to Canoes, to the left if facing the ocean. Numerous surf contest have been held at this world class surf break. While you'll find a few beginner surfers in the lineup, the majority of surfers are regulars and experienced surfers. It holds a beautiful right with a mushier left. There are lifeguards and bathrooms.

Cliffs - Off Diamond Head Road, below the lookout. A paved pathway on your right will take you down to the beach. Entry level surfers, start on the far left of the pack and work your way to the right as you advance. No lifeguards, No bathrooms.


North Shore, Haleiwa

Puaena Point - Point break off Haleiwa Beach Park. Park on Kahalewai Place in Haleiwa. Normally half the size as the rest of the North Shore. The waves are layered out to where there's small surf inside for beginners and surf lessons, waist to chest high in the middle, and head to over head outside. Long lefts and short rights. There are bathrooms, no lifeguards. Surf lessons are normally on site from other companies but their board rentals prices are not as cheap as ours. ;)

Malaekahana Campground - Another great spot to surf non life threatning waves with a chill, beach campground enviroment. Normally somewhat uncrowded. Best to surf during a huge North swell, it will catch the wrap.

Laniakea Beach - Also known as the 'Turtle Beach' (far right corner of beach facing the ocean). This surf break is recommended for experienced surfers looking for awesome rights with an occasional left for the goofy footer. Start on the left of the pack (facing the ocean) and work your way to to the right. This break can get heavy during a solid North swell so be careful. Lifeguards are stationed at this beach so check in with them first if you have questions. This break is a big playing field which should fulfill your North Shore surfing stoke.

South West Shore, Ko Olina

White Plains Beach - A super fun family beach great for longboarding, shortboarding and paddle boarding. Close to Ko Olina and Kapolei. Normally a very soft wave with a huge playing field. Lots of different wave breaks to surf off of. Small waves inside, bigger waves the further you paddle out. You can find waves at this surf break year round! There are lifeguards and bathrooms.


Of course there are hundreds of other spots to surf at on Oahu. If you want to learn about other surf breaks, feel free to ask your surfboard rental delivery driver at delivery.

Additional Surfing Information found @ Surfing-Waves.com


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